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Lordstown, OH Electricians

If you're in Lordstown, Ohio, and in need of an experienced electricians, look no further than All Electric. Whether you're facing a minor issue or need a major installation, we are here to provide reliable, efficient, and safe electrical solutions.

Discover Reliable Electrical Services with All Electric in Lordstown, Ohio

Are you looking for a trustworthy and efficient electrician in Lordstown, Ohio?

All Electric is your go-to local electrical service provider, offering expert solutions for all your electrical needs. Whether you’re upgrading your home, addressing safety concerns, or managing new installations, All Electric has the expertise to ensure your projects are completed with the highest standards of quality and safety.

What Can Our Lordstown, Ohio Residential Electricians Do For You?

  1. Electrical
    Comprehensive services for both new installations and system upgrades, addressing all commercial and residential electrical needs. This includes setting up new wiring systems, updating old ones, and ensuring that all installations are safe and up to code.

  2. Generators
    Installation and maintenance services for generators that provide a reliable backup power source. Suitable for homes and businesses, these services ensure that power remains uninterrupted during outages.

  3. Electric Panels
    Services to upgrade your electrical panel, enhancing the safety and efficiency of your electrical system. These upgrades are designed to handle the demands of modern electrical appliances, ensuring stable power distribution and reducing risks of electrical fires.

  4. Ceiling Fans
    Professional installation and repair services for ceiling fans, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your space while improving air circulation. These services ensure that fans are securely mounted, properly wired, and functioning efficiently.

  5. Smart Devices
    Installation of smart devices that allow for automated and remote control of a property’s electrical systems, offering convenience and modernization. This includes smart thermostats, lights, security systems, and more, integrated for optimal performance and ease of use.

  6. Electric Vehicle Chargers
    Installation services for electric vehicle chargers in both residential and commercial settings. These services make it convenient to charge electric vehicles efficiently at home or at business locations, supporting the adoption of green technology.

  7. Lighting
    Customized lighting solutions that transform the ambiance of any space. This service involves the design and installation of lighting setups that complement the unique style and functionality of your environment, ranging from residential to commercial spaces.

  8. Electrical Repairs
    Quick and reliable repair services for all types of electrical problems. These services aim to minimize downtime and ensure that electrical systems operate smoothly and safely, addressing issues like faulty wiring, malfunctioning outlets, and more.

  9. Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors
    Installation services for carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, crucial for safety in any residential or commercial property. These detectors provide early warnings in the event of smoke or carbon monoxide presence, helping to ensure the safety and well-being of occupants.

  10. Dedicated Circuits
    Installation of dedicated circuits to protect appliances and electronics. These circuits prevent overloads by ensuring that heavy-duty appliances have a separate power source, which enhances overall electrical safety and efficiency in your property.

Our Commercial Electricians Provide a wide range of Services throughout Lordstown including but not limited to:

  1. Commercial Wiring Solutions
    Specialized wiring services tailored for complex commercial operations and infrastructures. These solutions focus on safe and efficient electrical practices, designed to support large-scale commercial needs and ensure compliance with industry standards.

  2. Retail and Office Electrical Fit-Outs
    Custom electrical services for retail and office spaces, encompassing everything from the initial design phase to the final implementation. These services ensure that electrical setups are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, tailored to the specific needs of each space.

  3. Commercial Lighting Installation
    Expert lighting design and installation services for commercial spaces that enhance the ambiance and improve energy efficiency. This includes selecting and positioning lights to create the desired atmosphere while optimizing light usage to reduce energy costs.

  4. Data Electrical Infrastructure
    Design and installation of robust electrical systems specifically for data centers. These services ensure an uninterrupted power supply and optimal performance, crucial for maintaining the reliability and efficiency of data processing operations.

  5. Industrial Electrical Systems
    Electrical installation services tailored to the harsh conditions of industrial environments. These services provide durable and reliable electrical solutions that meet the specific requirements of industrial facilities, ensuring continuous operation and compliance with safety standards.

  6. High-Voltage Installations
    Specialized services for the installation and maintenance of high-voltage electrical systems, typically used in industrial applications. These services ensure that these powerful systems operate safely and efficiently, with a focus on high performance and compliance with strict regulations.

  7. Emergency Power Systems
    Installation and maintenance of emergency power solutions, including generators and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. These services are crucial for keeping businesses operational during power outages, ensuring that critical systems remain powered.

  8. Energy Management Systems
    Implementation of advanced systems for energy management to monitor and control energy usage. These services help businesses reduce their energy costs and environmental impact by providing detailed energy consumption insights and optimization strategies.

  9. Preventive Electrical Maintenance
    Scheduled maintenance services designed to prevent unexpected downtime and extend the lifespan of electrical systems. This proactive approach keeps systems running efficiently and safely, reducing the risk of costly breakdowns and repairs.

  10. Building Automation and Control
    Customized automation systems that enhance the efficiency and comfort of buildings. These services involve integrating control systems for lighting, climate, and security, allowing for streamlined management and operation of building environments.

Local Expertise in Lordstown

Lordstown, known for its industrious community and burgeoning developments, demands a reliable electrical infrastructure to support both residential and commercial growth. All Electric is deeply familiar with Lordstown’s specific electrical standards and building codes, making us your perfect partner for electrical planning, installation, and maintenance.

Comprehensive Electrical Services

At All Electric, we provide a wide range of electrical services tailored to meet the diverse needs of the Lordstown community. Our offerings include:

  • Residential Electrical Services: From simple repairs to complete home rewiring, we ensure your home’s electrical system is safe and efficient.
  • Commercial Electrical Solutions: We provide comprehensive services for businesses, including system installations, maintenance, and compliance checks to keep your operations running smoothly.
  • Emergency Services: Electrical emergencies can happen at any time. Our 24/7 emergency services ensure that you are never left in the dark.

Safety and Efficiency

Safety is our top priority at All Electric. Our licensed electricians are trained to adhere to the highest safety standards, ensuring all work is done safely and effectively. We use the latest tools and techniques to deliver energy-efficient solutions, helping you save on energy bills and reduce your environmental footprint.

Why Choose All Electric?

  • Local Knowledge: Our deep understanding of the local regulations and environment in Lordstown sets us apart.
  • Quality Workmanship: We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, ensuring each project is handled with precision and care.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our commitment to customer service means we’re dedicated to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.

Ready to start your next electrical project in Lordstown, Ohio?

Contact All Electric today. Our team is ready to provide you with a free consultation and quote, helping you make informed decisions about your electrical needs. Trust us to power your home or business safely and efficiently.

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Lordstown, Ohio Client Testimonials

"I can't say enough good things about the service I received. The team was prompt, professional, and thorough. They installed new lighting in our kitchen and it looks fantastic. It’s clear they really know their stuff. If you’re in Youngstown and need an electrician, these are the people to call!"
Maggie, T
Lordstown, OH
"After a power surge, we were in urgent need of electrical repairs. All Electric responded quickly, and their team was at our door within an hour. They fixed the issue efficiently, and their proactive advice helped us avoid future problems. Truly lifesavers!"
James R.
Lordstown, OH
"We hired All Electric for the electrical installation of our new office building. Their expertise and precision made the process smooth and stress-free. The team was knowledgeable and always available to answer our questions. Exceptional service all around!"
Carla D.
Lordstown, OH
"I'm impressed with the level of service provided by All Electric. Their technicians are skilled and very polite. They installed our home’s lighting system, and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. It’s exactly what we envisioned!"
Sammy R.
Lordstown, OH
"All Electric is our go-to for all our electrical needs. Their maintenance checks are thorough, and they always provide clear explanations of what is needed and why. It’s comforting to have such a reliable service provider in Lordstown."
Claire V.
Lordstown, OH
"As a small business owner, reliable power is critical. All Electric upgraded our electrical panels and ensured that our systems are efficient and up-to-code. Their attention to detail and safety is commendable. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of dependable electrical services."
Tommy S.
Lordstown, OH

About All Electric

Welcome to All Electric, your premier choice for expert electrical services in both residential and commercial environments. As a proud family-owned and operated business rooted in Lordstown, Ohio, we’ve been dedicated to lighting up our community with exceptional electrical solutions for over a decade. Led by Bob Lupton and his son, Robert Lupton, our company stands on the pillars of reliability, precision, and utmost customer satisfaction.

At All Electric, we offer a comprehensive range of electrical services designed to ensure safety, efficiency, and the latest in innovation. Whether you need advanced lighting systems, electrical panel upgrades, detailed commercial projects, or prompt emergency repairs, our team of certified electricians is fully equipped with cutting-edge tools and technology. Our meticulous attention to detail and steadfast commitment to safety and customer satisfaction are what set us apart.

Join our All Electric family today and discover the impact of professionalism and expertise on your electrical projects. Let us illuminate your space with the quality and care only a family-operated business can provide.